2 Disc Plough (Walking Tractor) for Sale

  • This Machine, Fully Equipped With A Walking Tractor, Is Engineered For Optimal Performance In Fields Abundant With Grass, Straw, And Crop Residues. It Excels In Tackling High Soil Resistance And Navigating Through Fields Strewn With Stones And Debris. With Its Cutting-edge Design, It Effortlessly Shears Grass And Straw, Overcoming Potential Obstacles Like Soil Clumps And Rocks Without Interruption. Renowned For Its Efficiency And Durability, It Delivers Consistent High-quality Results Throughout Operation. Its User-friendly Interface Allows For Easy Adjustments, While Its Robust Construction Ensures Long-lasting Performance Even In The Most Demanding Conditions.



  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Versatility in Action
  • Precision Soil Preparation
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Cost Savings



Specifications 2 Disc
Working width (MM) 400
Working depth (MM) 120 - 180
No. Of disc (PCS) 2
disc diameter (MM) 390
Weight (KG) 38.5
Tractor power (HP) 12 to 20